Teach creative programming with Turtle power!

The Blockly playgrounds, linked to below, can provide a resource for teaching programming concepts in KS1, KS2 and KS3.

Each playground provides a few more tools than the last. This will make moving on to later playgrounds for children simple, intuitive and accessible.

Playground A is for the youngest students, those who have never written programs at all and have only ever used a floor robot such as Bee-bot. Programs are written by dragging and linking simple code blocks into the workspace and then pressing Run.

A possible learning structure

  • Children are given a direct link to the appropriate playground (rather than this index page).
  • Children try challenges selected by their teacher
  • Children get the chance to create their own programs
  • When ready, children try self-marking, can-do, quizzes to see if they can move on to the next level
  • Children get level awards, and teachers get a record of their childrens' progress
playground A
Turtle Playground A
transfer from floor robot
[ Challenge Cards - A ]
[ First Student Grade Card ]
[ Example First Quiz ]
playground B
Turtle Playground B
drawing with turtle
[ Challenge Cards - B ]
[ Yellow Shell Grade Card ]
playground C
Turtle Playground C
drawing with loops
[ Challenge Cards - C ]
playground D
Turtle Playground D
text and logic
logic, inout and output
[ Challenge Cards - D ]
playground E
Turtle Playground E
maths and variables

playground F
Turtle Playground F

Coming Soon!



Turtle Playground G
detecting surroundings
playground G
Turtle Playground H
advanced playground
data types
oxford turtle systemOxford Turtle System
text based programming


All children start their journey as White Shell programmers. The most accomplished may become Black Shell programmers:

Turtle Grades

Downloadable Challenge Cards (more coming soon)

Challenge cards will be available for each playground. The Challenge Cards can be downloaded, guillotined and laminated.

Playground A Challenge Cards

Playground B Challenge Cards

Playground C Challenge Cards

Playground D Challenge Cards

Playground E Challenge Cards

Playground F Challenge Cards

Playground G Challenge Cards


  • Not all students have to do all challenge cards.
  • Students should also be given the opportunity to play and create their own programs and art.

Assessments (not available yet)

Example First Quiz

Teachers need an OUCC teacher account to get access to these. After logging in the assessments can be found in the templates of the Quizzes section in the templates section (after pressing New). Students can attempt these whenever their teacher thinks they are ready. If at first they don't succeed they can, of course, try again.

Children's Grade Cards (more coming soon)

Students will also have a progress chart to take with them through their Turtle adventures. In it they record their achievements and the Turtle Programming Grades they have obtained.

Click on the image to download the student's grade cards where they can keep track of their progress and achievements.

white grade card yellow grade card orange grade card
green grade card purple grade card blue grade card
brown grade card red grade card black grade card


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