System Status

3rd March 2021 - Provisional results published.

1st March 2021 - Final checks are being made on the results generated by the system at the moment. We hope to publish provisional results for last week's challenge by the end of today.

16:20, 25th Feb 2021 - Unfortunately a problem in the Netherlands (where are servers are hosted) caused a loss of service. We are back now so please log back in and carry on if you were affected. Then after the time has run out, let your teacher know that you were affected.

17:30, 24th Feb 2021 - The grading servers started to slow down from about 4pm. This meant that students had to wait longer for their code-submission tasks to compile and run than we would like.
UPDATE: The cause has been identified, fixed and monitored over night. Service is back to normal now. This did not affect Junior or Intermediate students.

16:30, 24th Feb 2021 - We have had an issue with one of our grading servers that is saying there is no compiler when there is. We have restarted them, one at a time, so we hope this will go away. Monitoring.
UPDATE: This did not come back.

13:30, 22nd Feb 2021 - System is still running well.

11:26, 22nd Feb 2021 - We had a system failure which casued a loss of service from 11:10 until 11:22. Students affected, should contact their teacher and let them know how much time they lost. Teachers, please let us know the usernames of students affected and time lost so we can sort this out for your students.
Update: This is fixed. We know the underlying cause but not the root cause. We are monitoring and more tests will be run at 19:00 to establish exactly went wrong and ensure it does not happen again.

22nd Feb 2021 - Round 1 is now live.

20th Feb 2021 - Final system testing weekend, there may be occassional pauses in service.

5th February 2021 - We have made some upgrades to the code-submission task system and they have not successfully transferred to the quizzes facility. Unfortunately quite a bit of work is necessary to solve this. This should not stop teachers creating quizzes for your students in practice mode where you can also set the quiz to show answers, should you wish. We have been asked by some schools to give access to some of the previous challenges so we have done so, but it is not ideal.


1st August 2020 - During this month we are moving the content from the tcsocc site to this one so there will only be one address you need to remember – oucc.uk

This website may not always look its best or function perfectly while we do this.

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